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Can I Borrow Your Finger?

June 8, 2012

I have always been a daddy’s girl. I absolutely adore him and the relationship I am so fortunate to have with him. Somehow we are able to brighten up each other’s day with just a hug or spoken word, and right now as my family goes through one of the most trying times, it is important that we share these moments frequently.

Yesterday I was standing at the kitchen sink while dad stood at the pantry looking for something to snack on. We had just decided that we were not going to continue talking about the issues at hand. With tension so thick in the room you could cut it with a knife, dad walks up and says to me “Can I use your finger?” It broke me, and I threw my head back in laughter. You see, when I was a little girl my dad would freak me out by grabbing my finger and pretending he was going to stick it up his nose to grab a booger that his fingers were “too big to get,” all the while saying through my screams “Can I borrow your finger?”…”Please let me borrow your finger!”…Disgusting, I know! Of course he was just playing with me – at least I think he was. He wanted to see his little girl break down in giggles, frantically trying to pull her hand out of his grip. If he wasn’t kidding, he sure didn’t ever go through with his request. Well when he said it this afternoon it caught me a little off guard; it has been years since those words were last spoken to me. It made me giggle, and it made me feel safe.

Safe because for that moment I was that little girl wrapped in daddy’s strong arms again. The world couldn’t bother me or hurt me. In that moment I found rest.

This is the same picture of the relationship God has with His children. One of my favorite songs I sing with my parents entitled “Hold Me,” speaks of the times of life when things seem to be too scary to face, too much to bear. It says:

Sometimes the little boy/girl in me

Wants to climb on Father’s knee

When the world outside gets too big for me

When the fear’s too great for me to hide

And all my dreams have almost died

He always understands when I say

Hold me, Hold me

I’m so afraid of the storm

Hold me, Hold me

I’ll be safe in my Father’s arms

Life is a scary place. I’m so thankful for my wonderful daddy and the example of Godliness he has been for my family…..but I’m eternally grateful for a daddy in Heaven, whose lap I have free access to, and whose ears and attention are always a whispered word or fallen tear away. No matter what this life throws at us we can rest in the mighty, loving arms of the Lord. He holds us, carries us, sustains us.

Resting in His Arms,


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