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Dear Prospective Donor,


As our schedule has expanded, so has our travel time and distance.  This made our conversion van less suited to our needs.  So, we began praying about different options and most importantly, the Lord's will in this matter,  We felt that most options were above our budget but completely knew that they were not above our God's.  As we prayed and began looking around we had occassion to visit with a supporter of our ministry.  During the course of our conversation she said that she had noticed our schedule expanding and went on to mention that our van wasn't going to meet our needs much longer.  I told her we had considered looking at something else but didn't know if we could financially make it happen. To make a long story short, after discussing the amount of money we might need, she said, "I think I've got enough to help you and would like to.  Let's talk to my advisor and get this worked out for you".  After about two months of searching we found a 1995 Prevost (pictured below) with very low mileage and reached an arrangement with our supporter for financing with an affordable payback. An offer was made and the bus was purchased!  By the way, as we were putting everything together a VERY generous supporter of our ministry gave us $10,000.  With his permission, we have placed this money in a savings account for use in the event of major, unexpected repairs.


Our current indebtness is $100,000.  This amount includes the actual cost of the bus as well as maintenance and a few mechanical repairs needed for safe travel.  While we do have a meetable, monthly financial arrangement for payback, we would love to pay the coach off over the next 12 - 24 months.  This would free these funds up for use in reaching the lost.  Our short term goal is to reduce the principle balance by $15,000 before 12/31/15.  Would you prayerfully consider a tax deductible contribution to our ministry specifically for this purpose?  You may only be able to give $10, $25, or $40 but some of you may be in a positon to do much more.  Perhaps the Lord will place it on your heart, as he did the Christian businessman mentioned above, to make a larger contribution to this endeavor. Whatever you can give will be appreciated.  All funds recieved will be applied to the principle balance of our indebtness.


Checks may be mailed to Jack Little Ministries, 509 Baucom Deese Rd., Monroe, NC  28110

(Please include Bus Debt Reduction in the memo line)   


 Jack Little


Jack Little

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